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The SC Genealogical Society was formed in Columbia on 12-Jan-1970. 

In Nov-1973 the by-laws of the society were revised to provide for the formation of Chapters throughout SC.












Home Federal Savings & Loan, Lakeview Plaza on Hwy 123, Clemson, SC





















Year President Year President Year President Year President Year President
1970 x 1980 Sara Fort 1990 Dr. William C. Whitten 2000 James B. Granger 2010 Judy Long
1971 x 1981 William T. Allgood 1991 Dell W. Millar 2001 James Baldwin 2011 Judy Long
1972 x 1982 W. Carl Nettles 1992 Dell W. Millar 2002 James Baldwin 2012 Judy Long
1973 x 1983 Merrlt A. (Dan) Boone 1993 Dell W. Millar 2003 Charles Head 2013 Judy Long
1974 x 1984 Dr. William C. Whitten 1994 Dell W. Millar 2004 Charles Head 2014  
1975 M. Riggs Goodman 1985 Anne Sheriff 1995 Joseph Looper 2005 Robert G. Dodson 2015  
1976 M. Riggs Goodman 1986 Dr. Cy Shuler 1996 Dr. William C. Whitten 2006 William Hughes 2016  
1977 M. Riggs Goodman 1987 Edwin H. Vedder 1997 Dr. William C. Whitten 2007 Robert G. Dodson 2017  
1978 Dr. Robert Borgman 1988   1998 Robert G. Dodson 2008 Robert G. Dodson 2018  
1979 John McGravey 1989 Dr. William C. Whitten 1999 James B. Granger 2009 Judy Long 2019  








by: Unknown Author


The origin of this chapter came in a seminar which Dr. Gene Sneary conducted at Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton in the spring of 1975.  A number of those attending that seminar, probably encouraged by Dr. Sneary, decided to form a genealogical chapter.  This group elected Mr. M. Riggs Goodman as their President and he continued in that role in 1976 and 1977.

The chapterís charter was granted on June 19, 1976 and on September 21, 1976, the chapter was presented itsí membership in the South Carolina Genealogical Society. 

In 1978, Dr. Robert Borgman served as President of the chapter along with Riggs Goodman as Vice-President, and Sarah Timms as Secretary, and Dr. Bruce Pruitt as State Representative.  In 1979, John McCravy served as President. 

In 1980 Sara Fort served as President, along with Riggs Goodman as Vice-President, Sara Timms as Secretary, Era Davis as Treasurer, and Ed Vedder as State Representative.  On October 25th of this year the chapter served as the host for the annual State Meeting of the S.C. Genealogical Society held at the Holiday Inn at Clemson.  This year also, a member of the chapter, Dr. Bruce Pruitt, served as the President of the State Society.

In 1981 Bill Allgood served as the President of the chapter along with Julia Woodson as Vice-President, Era Davis as Treasurer, Ruby Reel as Secretary, and Ed Vedder as Editor and State Representative.

W. Carl Nettles served as the President in 1982 along with Helen Monroe and Frances Booker as joint Vice-Presidents, and Judy Miller as Secretary and Ed Vedder as Treasurer, Editor and State Representative.

1982 (corrected by typist to 1983) found the following serving as officers in the chapter:  M.R. (Dan) Boone as President, Bill Whitten as Vice-President, Judy Miller as Secretary, Ann Sheriff as Treasurer, Ed Vedder as State Representative and Editor.

1984, Dr. Bill Whitten was elected President and served along with Dr. Cy Shuler as Vice-President, Judy Miller as Secretary and Ann Sheriff as Treasurer.

The officers elected in 1985 were Ann Sheriff, President, Dan Boone, Vice-President, Harry Weems, Treasurer, Sara Roach, Secretary, and Ed Vedder, State Representative and Editor.

In 1986, Dr. Cy Shuler was elected President and was joined by Ann Sheriff as Vice-President, Judy Miller as Secretary, Harry Weems as Treasurer and Julia Woodson as State Representative.

For 1987, Ed Vedder was elected President and was assisted by Robert Dodson as Vice-President, Judy Miller as Secretary, Ann Sheriff as Treasurer, Cy Shuler as Publicity Chairman, Julia Woodson as State Representative, and Bill Whitten as Editor.  In 1988 the same contingent of officers was re-elected.

The officers elected in 1989 were:  Dr. Bill Whitten, President, Dell Miller, Vice-President, Judy Miller, Secretary, Don Moore, Treasurer, Ann Sheriff, Editor, and Esther Moore, State Representative.

The chapter meets monthly except July, August, and December and meets in the town of Clemson except on special occasions.  The chapter has about 80 members in 1989.  It has published 5 volumes of cemetery records of Oconee and Pickens Counties, the 1830 and 1840 censuses of Pickens District, and is now working on the 1850 census of Pickens District and histories of the early churches of Oconee and Pickens Counties.  In addition about ten books have been published separately by members of the chapter.

The chapter has a library in one room at the Central Wesleyan College in Central which contains, at the moment, several hundred books related to genealogy as well as numerous files on families which have resided in the Old Pendleton District at some time.