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Doing research in the Golden Corner of South Carolina ( Anderson-Oconee-Pickens Counties ) might be time consuming for you, because of how these counties were formed.  Based on your time-period, you might need to research all (3) counties. 

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Ninety-Six District


PENDLETON DISTRICT CENSUS: (Formed from Ninety-Six in 1790)


          By: Paul R. Sarrett Jr.


ANDERSON COUNTY CENSUS: (Formed from Pendleton in 1828)


          By: Paul R. Sarrett Jr.


OCONEE COUNTY CENSUS: (Formed from Pickens in 1868)

By: Ross Emmett Jones

Ross was born in Delaware, raised in  southern California and is now retired in Redmond, WA. He worked in aerospace at North American Aviation/Rockwell from 1952 though 1975, then worked for Martin Marietta on the Space Shuttle's External Tank in New Orleans, Florida, and California.

His ties to Oconee County is through his mother's family. Her mother was Olivia Edwards Osborne, daughter of Lulu Lanier and William Richard Osborne. His mother's father was Walter Donaldson Hopkins, a laborer who worked for Olivia's father.  They left SC for Franklin Co., GA after 1913. In searching his genealogy, Ross found that his father's great grandfather was the enumerator of the 1850 Federal census of Washington County, Georgia. He then decided to transcribe his work for the USGenWeb Census Project and couldn't stop there. He has transcribed some (70!) Federal Censuses, including all of Washington County, GA. He's now concentrating on Oconee County. 

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PICKENS COUNTY CENSUS: (Formed from Pendleton in 1828)