G. Anne Sheriff's

Historical Interpretations

Compiled by: Paul M. Kankula NN8NN (non-copyrighted)

10 Jan 2015







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Black History in Pickens District SC: (12 pages)


Page 01 - 03 = Guardianship Papers

Page 04 - 06 = Teacher's Yearly Report

Page 07 - 09 = Easley 1880 Census

Page 10 - 11 = Letter Regarding Application for a Confederate Pension

Page       12 = Guardianship Paper of Jack Burdine



Black History in Pickens District SC: (10 pages)  


Page 01 - 10 = Teacher Certification


Liberty SC 1876-1976 - One Hundred Years:  (118 pages)

Chapter 00 = Forward

Chapter 01 = Early Beginnings

Chapter 02 = Places, Homes & Families

Chapter 03 = Churches 

Chapter 04 = Schools     

Chapter 05 = Businesses

Chapter 06 = Manufacturing Firms

Chapter 07 = Doctors, Dentist, Chiropractors

Chapter 08 = Clubs & Organizations

Chapter 09 = Government & City Services

Chapter 10 = Appendix

Chapter 11 = Index

Chapter 12 = Pictures


Pickensville / Easley SC History: (136 pages)

Chapter 00 = Forward

Chapter 01 = Pickensville

Chapter 02 = Easley

Chapter 03 = School History

Chapter 04 = Church History

Chapter 05 = Student History Chapter

Chapter 06 = Index


Sketches of Cherokee Villages in SC: (40 pages)



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Cemetery Surveys


Pickens County Cemetery Survey III                                                                                       

Anderson County Cemetery Survey III                                                                                   




1810 Census of Pendleton District                                                                                        

1820 Census of Pendleton District                                                                                         

1830 Census of Pickens District                                                                                          

1840 Census of Pickens District                                                                                            


Black History


1850 Slave Census of Pickens District (Eastern Division)                                                         

1860 Slave Census of Pickens District (Eastern Division)                                                         

Black History in Pickens District, Volume I                                                                             

Black History in Pickens District, Volume II                                                                             

Black Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions                                                                                 


Town History


Pickensville-Easley History                                                                                                  

Liberty, South Carolina: One Hundred Years, 1876-1976                                                         

Central Yesterday and Today by Mattie May Morgan Allen                                                      


Family History


Rochester Family History                                                                                                    




Pickens & Oconee Counties Post Offices Including SC Post Offices 1793-1832                        

1854 Tax Collection, Pickens District, SC                                                                               

Internal Revenue Assessment, Pickens District, SC 1864-1866                                               

Pickens District, SC 1866 Tax List                                                                                        

1868 Voter Registration Oconee and Pickens Counties, SC                                                     

1868 Voter Registration, Oconee & Pickens County by Rich & Holder                                       

Register of Physicians and Surgeons Practicing in Pickens County, SC                                    




A History: The Schools of Pickens County                                                                             

Pickens County Tour Guide                                                                                                   

Cherokee Villages in South Carolina                                                                                       

Pickens County Tour Guide                                                                                                    

Grist Mills of Pickens County                                                                                                

Back Country of Old Pickens District                                                                                       

Chapman Covered Bridge on the Keowee & the Men Who Built It                                            


Cherokee Indians


Cherokee Indians in South Carolina by Forest Acres Quest Program                                       





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      1800 Census for South Carolina

      1810 Census for South Carolina

       1820 Census for South Carolina

       1830 Census for South Carolina

       1840 Census for South Carolina

       1850 Census for South Carolina

       1850 Slave Census for South Carolina

       1860 Census for South Carolina M653

      1860 Slave Census for South Carolina

      1860 Agricultural Census for South Carolina

       1870 Census for South Carolina

      1880 Census for South Carolina

       1910 Census for South Carolina

       1920 Census for South Carolina

      Record of Appointment of Postmasters

       Record of Appointment of Postmasters

       SC Register of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors and Citizens who died in Federal Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North 1861-1865. (1 rolls)

       SC Former confederates for Presidential Pardons 1865-1867, Group I, Ad-Du

       Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South SC LA-RY

       Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South SA-ZI

      Amnesty Oaths (Special File)

      Two or More Name File

      Miscellaneous File

      SC Admission to Citizenship 1790-1906

      1810 Census for South Carolina (3 Rolls)

      1820 Census for South Carolina (3 Rolls)

      1830 Census for South Carolina (3 Rolls)

      1840 Census for South Carolina (2 Rolls) Roll 162, 163