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Faith Clayton's Collection:


FCC-01.doc  Bibles


FCC-02.doc  Birth Records from Dr. Lawrence Garvin Clayton


FCC-03.doc  Books from Clayton Family


FCC-04.doc  Central History


FCC-05.doc  Clayton Family Photographs


FCC-06.doc  Collection - William Harold Clayton's Collection (Photographs, Documents, Letters, Journals 

                    & Ledger


FCC-08.doc  Correspondence - With Frederick Van Clayton


FCC-09.doc  Correspondence - With Hettie Smith of Slabtown, SC


FCC-10.doc  Correspondence - With James B. Smith of Davidson College in Davidson, NC


FCC-11.doc  Correspondence - With United Daughters of the Confederacy, James L. Orr Chapter


FCC-12.doc  County Income Taxes - For Dr. Lawrence Garvin Clayton


FCC-13.doc  Deeds - Agnes Lesley's Collection (Not part of Faith's collection, but included in with her



FCC-14.doc  Deeds - Copied Ones


FCC-15.doc  Deeds - Found in Harold Clayton's Safety Deposit Box


FCC-16.doc  Deeds - Original Ones


FCC-17.doc  Documents - Original Ones


FCC-18.doc  Documents - Undated Ones


FCC-19.doc  Faith's Industrial Commission Papers


FCC-20.doc  Faith's Photographs


FCC-21.doc  Faith's Southern Wesleyan University Papers


FCC-22.doc  Faith's Speeches


FCC-23.doc  Financial Records of Dr. Lawrence Garvin Clayton


FCC-24.doc  Plats - Copied Ones


FCC-25.doc  Plats - Field Notes


FCC-26.doc  Plats - Original Ones


FCC-27.doc  Plats - Undated Ones


FCC-28.doc  Tax & Other Receipts


World War I Soldier Records sent to Faith Clayton by her brother Van Clayton. 

(Records are not in alphabetical order.  Depending upon the quality of the scan, the following

 PDF file scans might be "Keyword Searchable" using Adobe Reader.)


FCC-29.pdf   James ANDERSON to James YONGUE & Charlie ARNOLD to Jesse SIMMONS

FCC-30.pdf   Miscellaneous events and names

FCC-31.pdf   Miscellaneous events and names & Jeel ALLGOOD to William CHAPMAN  

FCC-32.pdf   Willie CHAPMAN to James DILLARD

FCC-33.pdf   Lawrence DILLARD to Paul GENTRY

FCC-35.pdf   Thomas GENTRY to J.E. HENDRIX

FCC-36.pdf   John HENDRIX to Paul KAY

FCC-37.pdf   Robert KAY to William MADDEN

FCC-38.pdf   Bob MADDOX to Robert NEWTON

FCC-39.pdf   Constant NICKELLS to Leonard PURSLEY

FCC-40.pdf   Grad PUTNAN to Samuel STANSELL

FCC-41.pdf   Thomas STANSELL to Henry WHITE

FCC-42.pdf   Daniel WHITE to Truman YOUNG

FCC-43.pdf   Miscellaneous written notes and events

FCC-44.pdf   Miscellaneous written notes and events

FCC-45.pdf   Cause of the World War